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20 Fluffy Corgi Pictures You NEED In Your Life

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Hey, corgeous! Looking for a boost of serotonin to get you through the day? We can help with that! Here are 20 fluffy Corgi pictures you NEED in your life!

1. Cutie with a Booty

Booty, booty, booty, booty, rockin’ everywhere!

2. Up to Snow Good

Boop that snoot!

3. Paws up for fluff

It’s the tiny paws and puppy fluff for me.

4. A true smoosh

I’m squishy and I know it.

5. Love drunk on all that fluff

A pawfect fluffy winter fairy tail.

6. Stay calm and Corgi on

Class and sass, these furry friends have it all.

7. Spread love, the Corgi way

Here’s a smile, pass it on.

8. Ultimate derp level achieved

UnbeLEAFably cute!

9. Did someone say treat?

You lookin’ like a whole snack.

10. Such majestic, such wow

What a show stopper!

11. All about those toe beans

Favorite activity: boopin’ the beans!

12. Love is a four-legged word

Yes, and those legs are short and belong to a Corgi.

13. Loaves of love

Art imitates life.

14. Have you ever seen anything more regal?

It’s no secret Queen Elizabeth 11 loves corgis, and this magnificence is why!

15. I like Corgi butts and I cannot lie

When a Corgi walks in with itty bitty legs and a round thing in your face.

16. Will run for treats and belly scratches

Corgis may have short legs, but that doesn’t stop them from running towards their dreams.

17. You’re the Corgi-key to my heart

Roses are red, violets are blue .. blah blah blah .. you got any food?

18. Fun and fabulous

Truly, the bestest friend you could ever ask for.

19. Wherever you may go, may you take the road that leads to love

And snacks, make sure there will always be snacks.

20. Little dog with a big appetite for adventure

Also, just a big appetite in general.

And that’s a wrap!

From their stumpy little legs, to their fluffy butts, and full of life personalities, Corgis are sure to bring a big ol’ smile to your face.

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