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Top Products to Help Your Dog Survive 2021

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Say goodbye to 2020 and hello to 2021. This new year is bringing us all a little hope (I think) but will it be any better than the last? Dogs around the world are cringing at the thought of their humans leaving home and heading back to work. Will 2021 be the year of the anxious dog?

Well now you and your pup don’t have to worry – the @DogsOfInstagram crew has compiled a list of top products that will help your dog feel more comfy and calm at home and on the go. Plus some trendy dog toys and pet gear that will make life a little more exciting.

#1 – The Cuddliest, Snuggliest Dog Bed

These shag beds are all the rage, but did you know they also help reduce pet anxiety, giving them that calm, comfortable feeling of a warm hug when you’re not there to snuggle. Warning: You may want to crawl inside one too!

#2 – The Perfect Yappy Hour Toy For Pets

A little bit of this for your party dog. A little bit of that for you 😉 These drink-inspired plush dog toys will keep your pet entertained while you’re entertaining. So classy and so sassy!

#3 – Escape to the Outdoors

This backpack for dogs is perfect for great outdoor adventures with your pup. For those moments when you just need to get away, go exploring, and breathe in the fresh air. Plus, it’s got pockets!

#4 – Because… a Baby Yoda makes everything better!

“Do or do not, there is no try.” That’s what Yoda would say to your pup when they’re looking for some playful fun. Get your baby dog their very own baby yoda dog toy. May the fierceness be with you, my doggy friend.

#5 – Their Own Little Escape

It’s totally acceptable to need a place to hide – we get it! That’s why these adorable doggy teepee tents are perfect for pets who just need some alone time – or a place to unwind. Plus, they’re perfect for fashionable pet moms who need a chic addition to their decor for their pet.

#6 – Fierce Fashion for Dogs

When life is rough, you just gotta toughen up. Even your pet needs a little confidence boost. Why not do it with style? These leopard print dog bandanas are exactly what your pup needs to stay fierce and fashionable through the craziness. 

#7 – Just Relax… And Roll

Sometimes your pet just needs a little help finding their chill. (I mean, who doesn’t?) We love these supplement bars for anxious dogs that will help take the edge off and create some calm – for both of you. Available with CBD and without CBD.

#8 – So They Can Go Too!

We are all itching to just get out of the house – even your pup! What better way to take them with you than this adorable dog carrier. Bike, please! We are all over this bag and ready for the perfect pit stop.

#9 – I’ll Be Maverick – You Be Goose

Who knows what 2021 will throw at us – but your pup will be ready! Not to mention, he’ll have that whole Top Gun Maverick vibe going while you’re out riding around. Did you know Doggles are the new aviators? Sunshine or rain – your dog’s eyes will be protected.

#10 – Brain Games!

Sometimes you just need a cure for boredom! These interactive dog toys give your pup a fun game to play and a tasty treat. And they’ll you even more than the day before – if that’s even possible!

BONUS: Gear For You Too!

We know your dogs have helped YOU survive 2020 and are still as we face 2021. That’s why the DogsOf team is working with small designers to bring you exclusive human products for people who L.O.V.E their pets. Check out our first designer feature below and explore our designer store.

Here’s to a new, and hopefully better, year! Cheers.

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