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47 Chihuahua Memes That Will Have You LOLing

smiling chihuahua memes
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The shareability of Chihuahua memes makes them perfect for bringing dog lovers together. Memes help people with a quick smile, brief chuckle, and the need to share with their friends. No matter what kind of day you might be having, an adorable Chihuahua meme is guaranteed to brighten your day.

Memes first gained popularity in the 90s when people were posting on message boards and newsgroups.  They’ve since evolved into pop culture and are a permanent fiber in Internet history. The staying power of memes is unmistakable, so we’re jumping on the viral wave. 

Put your phone on silence, tell your boss you’re busy and get ready for 47 Chihuahua memes that will have you LOLing all day long.

Hysterical Chihuahua Memes

When a picture says a thousand words.

cute little dog

Well, the saying goes, “let sleeping dogs lie.”

sleeping pup meme

When your dog is smarter than you realize.

vet chi meme

Try as they may, dogs simply are not cats.

Chi meme

He’s my best friend, my buddy, my pal, and my lookout partner.

dog meme cute

Shakespeare said it best, “To sleep, perchance to dream.”

sleeping chihuahua

Who could resist those puppy dog eyes?

little doggo meme

It’s always best to stop and take in nature’s beauty.

little dog in sweater

Move over Clint Eastwood; there’s a new leader in town.

funny chihuahua meme

What did we ever do before GPS?

dog boat

I may look like I am sleeping but think again.

sleep in day dog

Anyone who ever broke curfew will relate to this.

smiling chihuahua

Straight from the lilypad.

dog in clothes

It was only a matter of time.

rapper chi

It’s not the size of the dog, but the attitude.

sleeping dog

Stealing hearts with this award-winning smile.

sweet dog smiling

This dog certainly isn’t the only one that feels this way.

cute chi

When you have a passion for fashion.

Beverly Hills dog

A sigh of relief!

dog and bear

We all know that one co-worker…

cute dog big ears

To paraphrase this famous line from the movie A Few Good Men.

dog meme fun

Sometimes words aren’t needed, especially when fashion speaks for itself.

Chihuahua meme

They don’t walk the runway, they own it.

two dogs cute meme

Hey bark-tender, a round of sparkling water over here, please.

dog in shirt

Some dogs are trendsetters.

fashion dog meme

Wait until you see his downward dog.

yoga chi

Can you speak up a little louder, please?

chihuahua ears

Cuddle puddle alert.

dog bffs

Good things come in small packages, after all.

small doggy meme

You know it’s true.

hiding dog

It’s okay; we can share this space together, friend.

dog looks up

The photographer did say cheese, so…

smiling little dog memes

A little beach humor.

dog smiles at beach meme

He tells the best jokes on the block.

silly chihuahua meme

Pun alert. Be warned.

dog smells flowers

The look on the little dog’s face though.

two dogs together

We’ve all been there, pal.

dog in clothes

Smile when you get it.

rapper chi meme

Um, it wasn’t me.

chi sleeping

She worked the camera like a boss.

small pup looking up

It’s as if the scarf was made with her in mind.

chihuahua meme

All I hear is, “blah blah blah.”

dog is funny

All the feels. All the warm fuzzies.

fun chi memes

Just in case you didn’t get the memo…

close up chi

Punny, funny, and cute all in one.

beach dog

This dog may never look at a treat the same way again.

cute chi meme

Oh boy, what did the humans do now?

sleepy dog meme