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Quiz: What Celebrity Is Your Pet?

Angelina Jolie
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It’s late at night and you’re scrolling social media feeds when a fun celebrity quiz catches your eye. Face it, we all want to know which famous rock star we’d be or who our Hollywood doppelganger is. But what about your pet? 

Is she a little diva in a furry coat?

Is he a world class competitor with athletic prowess?

Maybe she’s more comedic with her silly antics.

Perhaps he’s a drama king who missed his calling on the silver screen.

The online quiz world deserves a little four-legged fun, so we’ve developed the questions to get to the root of which celebrity is your cat or dog’s human counterpart.

Once you find out which celebrity your pet is, compare your results with friends and family. Warning: This get-to-know-your-baby-better challenge is guaranteed to induce smiles. 

Photo credit: Gennaro Leonardi Photos / Shutterstock.com