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Quiz: What’s Your Pet’s Love Language?

Cute dog and cat
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Do you ever catch your pet staring at you and wonder if they feel affection? If your pet could talk, how would they express unwavering love and devotion? Someone should invent a love language quiz for pets. Spoiler alert: We did!

Does your pet want more belly rubs and a massage or are they more the shower-me-with-treats and-toys type? These are the questions that keep dedicated pet parents up at night.

If you’ve ever asked your furry companion any of the following questions, this pet-focused love language quiz is for you:

  • Do you love me as much as I love you
  • Is there something I can do to show you my love?
  • What can I do to make you happy?

Answer the following questions to find out what your pet really wants and how to best communicate with them in all situations. 

P.S. Sharing is caring in this season of cupids, hearts, hugs, and kisses. Compare your love language quiz results with your friends’ pets for some extra joy.