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Quiz: Match Professional Athletes to Their Pets

Dog with basketball
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Professional athletes have a lot in common with everyday pet parents—they love their pets as much as you do! They might live busy lives with a lot of activity, but professional athletes open their hearts and homes to dogs, cats, and many other pets. 

We’d love to be a fly on the wall to watch Tom Brady throw a pass to his dogs named Lua, Scooby, and Fluffy. Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn loves posting about her dogs on Instagram when not on the slopes.

In the competitive world of sports, it’s not often we see the softer, more sensitive side of an athlete’s personality. Pets have a way of breaking down emotional walls and tugging at their parents’ heartstrings. 

Test your pet lover knowledge with our short and fun quiz. See if you can match up the professional athletes with the pet(s) who share their lives.