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Big Dogs Who Think They’re Small

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“If I fits, I sits,” said every big dog ever. And who has the heart to tell them not to? Certainly not us! Scroll on down for some love to all the big dogs who think they’re small.

1. Big dog? More like big ol’ scaredy cat. But we wouldn’t have it any other way!


2. Who needs to go to the gym when you can just carry around your GIANT baby of a dog.


3. Mom told me to get in the back, so I did & honestly, it’s the best seat in the house.


4. I call this one, “The Flop”.


5. Favorite seat in the car is on Mom’s lap, and I think it’s safe to say she likes it too!


6. When your 6 month old puppy is bigger than you.

Risha Rajkumar

7. Mom and Dad say I’ll always be their baby, and I’m holding them to it.

 Risha Rajkumar

8. Yes, I’d like a pint of Canine Cream Ale please.


9. Oh silly Dad, why would I sit on the floor when I can sit on your lap?


10. When your Miniature Bernedoodle turns out to be not-so-mini.


11. Ah yes, the squished-between-the-couch-and-the-window spot, surely the most comfortable position.


12. I’m fine. This is fine. If anyone wants to drop any food from the table, that would also be fine.


13. Nonsense, I’ll never grow up!


14. Yes I have my own bed. No, I don’t want to sleep in it.


15. Hi, herro, I would very much like to be as close to you as physically pawssible. Apologies in advance if that’s not super convenient for you and your work-home-life balance!


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