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The 6 Coolest Dog Parks in San Francisco

Dog on beach in San Francisco
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Though San Francisco is best known for its mild weather, big tech influence and high cost of living, it is also a dog owner’s paradise. In fact, dogs outnumber children in the city!

So it makes sense then that when it comes to dog parks in San Francisco, there are a bunch of great options. Here are our favorite picks.

Bernal Heights Dog Park

Bernal Hill provides visitors with a breathtaking panorama and clear views of San Francisco Bay, the Golden Gate Bridge, downtown, San Bruno Mountain, and the hills of the East Bay. 

There are several trails and a main road that offer scenic views all the way up and down the hill. This park is open from 5am to midnight and you’ll see why it is often at the top of these types of lists.

Duboce Park

This San Francisco dog park features both an off-leash dogs area and on-leash dog areas and is known for the social scene among parents, dog-owners and other park visitors.

In addition, it is located next to the renovated Harvey Milk Recreational Arts Center and is the site of DogFest, which occurs every year in April.

Fort Funston

A border collie on a trail in Fort Funston, an off leash dog park in San Francisco.

Considered the best dog beach in the city, this is one of the coolest dog parks in San Francisco. Located in the southwest corner of Fort Funston National Park, a network of trails make it ideal for hiking and horseback riding.

Dog owners will be happy to know they can take leashes off here. If your pup loves the beach, this is the place for you.

Golden Gate Park

There are three dog runs located inside of this park that allow off-leash room for your pup to roam.

1. In the Southeast: There is a section of land bordered by Lincoln Way, Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, as well as 5th and 7th avenues.

2. In the Northeast: An area tucked away off Stanyan Street, between Hayes and Fulton streets has seen countless canines throughout the years.

3. In the Western Region of the Park: Owners and dogs flock to the section bordered by MLK Jr. and Middle drives, and 34th and 38th avenues.

Lafayette Park

With wonderful views of the city and bay, a variety of activities available and of course an off-leash dog area, Lafayette holds its own in this list.

For many years now the park has been a haven for dogs and people who love them at almost any time of day or night. There are big and small dogs, both leashed and unleashed, but no matter what type, most of them simply want to play and run with their dog friends, and Lafayette provides just the place. 

Pine Lake Park

This park offers a huge off-leash play area full of dogs of all sizes, as well as benches for their owners to sit and enjoy. You can also take your leashed pup over to Pine Lake itself.

The hours are 6am to 10pm and the normal rules and regulations for public parks are in effect. This park offers plenty of space and scenery for even the most discerning dog owner.