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The Top 8 Dog Parks NYC Has to Offer

Dog in New York City
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As a resident New Yorker, I know the city well. While walking, I like to keep an eye out for dog friendly options for things to do.

My favorite activity, of course, is all the wonderful dog parks NYC has to offer pups in the Big Apple. I’ve checked them out for myself and now I’m ready to tell you about all the best dog parks in New York.

Here’s our top 8 free NYC dog parks in no particular order:

  1. Madison Square Dog Run
  2. Washington Square Dog Run
  3. Tompkins Square Dog Run
  4. Hudson River Park Pier 84  Dog Run
  5. Chelsea Waterside Park
  6. Sirius Dog Run
  7. Central Park
  8. Hillside Dog Park

Madison Square Dog Run 

Location: 24th street on the Western side of the park

Hours: Daily, 6am-11pm

Nestled on the West side of Madison Square Park, this dog park is a hit with the pups of the Flatiron District. Though the park is smaller, there are still separate areas for big and small dogs to keep everyone’s play safe. There are also plenty of shaded benches for mom or dad to enjoy while the dogs run and socialize. Tired dogs can enjoy some of the water provided by the park when needed, and there will always be a friend to play with given that this is one of the most popular dog parks NYC has.

Washington Square Dog Run 

Location: 59 Washington Square S

Hours: Daily, 9am-9pm

Located in Greenwich Village, The dog run in Washington Square Park is always busy and always fun! This beautiful park is always bustling with performers so you’ll likely have some music to listen to while your dog plays. This dog park also features separate areas for the big and small guys. If you’re looking for somewhere quintessentially New York to take your dog, you’ll love Washington Square Park.

Tompkins Square Dog Run

Location: 500 East 9th St

Hours: Daily, 9am-9pm

Tompkins Square Dog Run marked itself as the first official New York dog park when they opened their gates in 1990. Finally, NYC dog owners had a place to let their dogs run off-leash. New York’s inaugural dog park is also its largest! This park features wading pools for the hot summer and separate areas for the biggest and smallest puppies. Dog owners have been bringing their pups here for almost 30 years now.

Hudson River Park Pier 84 Dog Run

Location: 353 West St

Hours: Daily, 6am-1am

This riverside dog park is a great place for NYC dog owners to bring their pups for a park with a view. Located in the Maritime Entertainment District, this New York dog park provides a fun place for dogs to run off-leash. With a restaurant nearby, dog owners can enjoy a drink or a bite while their dogs get to know each other. This park is best in the summer when it’s warm and sunny outside.

Chelsea Waterside Park 

Location: W 23rd and 11th Ave

Hours: Daily, 6am-1am

If you have a dog that loves to climb and not just run, he or she will love Chelsea Waterside Park. Located in Chelsea, this dog park features hills and rocks for dogs to play on while owners hang out nearby. This park is one of the larger ones, so your dog will have plenty of room to run and tire out. You’ll have a sleepy pup on your hands by the time you get home!

Sirius Dog Run

Location: 385 South End Ave

Hours: 24/7

Dogs love the wading pools at Sirius Dog Run in the summer. Battery Park City has three great dog runs for your pup to enjoy, though Sirius Dog Run is a favorite of ours. Your canine will love running the long parks while you sit on one of their many shaded benches. This is a popular and busy spot, so we hope your dog likes sharing this NYC dog park!

Central Park

Location: Central Park

Hours: Daily, 6am-1am

Who could forget NYC’s most famous park, Central Park! This expansive park has 23 designated off-leash spots for dogs to run and play in. There’s also a plethora of dog fountains available for your pooch when he or she needs a drink. Even if your dog isn’t the type to play freely with others, the entire park is welcome to dogs with a leash. You’ll never run out of new things to smell here!

Hillside Dog Park

Location: Columbia Heights and Middagh St

Hours: Daily, 9am-9pm

This New York dog park is in Brooklyn! This park is big enough for your pup to get all of their zoomies out in time to go home for a nap. Part of the park is even wooded, which means lots of smells to explore. If you live in Brooklyn there’s no need to trek your dog into Manhattan thanks to Hillside Dog Park.