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The Best Dog-Friendly Hiking Near NYC

Dog hiking in fall leaves
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Hiking with your dog can be a year-round activity. It’s an escape from the heat of the summer or a way to take in fall foliage during crisp autumn days. We say there’s nothing quite like adventuring together in the fresh mountain air.

Luckily New York City and the tri-state area have endless trails to explore with your pup. If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of city life, check out these dog-friendly hiking trails near NYC.

Cornish Estate Trail

On the edge of the charming town of Cold Spring, this 1.8 mile trail is an easy ascent along the Hudson River. A mostly paved trail that features estate ruins and various other structures such as a pool, greenhouse, and gazebo. If you and your pup are the exploring type, then this trail is pawfect for you! The Cornish Estate Trail is also accessible from the city by car or train. Find more trail details here.

Arden Point

A peaceful and wooded historic trail that follows the road used by Benedict Arnold, an American military general during the Revolutionary War. The dirt trail is mostly flat and highlights a small waterfall, a bridge over railroad tracks, and panoramic views of the Hudson River. There are also several swimming spots so you and your dog can take a dip to cool down. Don’t have a car? No problem! Furrtunately, this is a train-to-trail and the trailhead begins right off the Garrison stop parking lot. See more details about Ardent Point here.

Gedney Park

An enormous park on 126 acres that include marked wooded trails, a large pond, a playground, bathrooms on site, and even designated dog off-leash hours in the mornings! The trails include lovely stonewalls and small streams along with informational signs about the trees and wildlife in the surrounding area. There are gazebos around the pond, which lends itself as a great watering hole for dogs. If you have a water pawsitive dog, then is the trail for you! Learn more about visiting Gedney Park here.

Storm King State Park

If you and your dog don’t mind a good steep incline, then you will definitely want to check out this hike. At 1,385 feet above sea level, the trails at Storm King traverse some of the most spectacular views of the Hudson River and Catskills Mountains. Though they do present a bit of an uphill challenge, the panoramic views are stunning and well worth the trek. Important to note that the park does require that dogs be on leashes no more than 6 feet long. Discover all the trails at Storm King here.

With so amazing trails so close to the city, you and your best friend have endless opportunities to explore the great outdoors. This summer, let the dog days be your adventure days!

Helpful Products To Take Along

Having fun and staying safe on a dog-friendly hike are two of your main priorities. You and your dog have no problem with the fun part, but it takes some planning to ensure your pup stays out of harm’s way, is well-hydrated, and is appropriately protected. Your dog should also be fit enough for the hike and know basic obedience skills. To help keep him on track, we’ve curated a list of dog hiking must-haves to bring along. (Your dog might even be able to carry some of them for you!)

Great Pet Great Clean Aloe and Oatmeal Cleansing Pet Wipes

Great Clean Pet Wipes

You and your dog will be walking in nature, so dirt and mud will be involved. Great Clean Aloe and Oatmeal Cleansing Pet Wipes are a quick and easy way to clean sensitive skin or hard-to-reach areas, and they won’t break apart while wiping off dirty paws. Did your dog just roll in something smelly? Step in a mud puddle? Brush up against sap on a tree? Great Clean removes the mess and does so without any harsh, irritating chemicals.


  • Durable and versatile so they won’t break apart when you need them most
  • Light piña colada scent so dogs won’t smell dirty or grimy 
  • Made in America with safe ingredients
  • Easy to tote or stuff into a backpack
  • pH balanced for a dog’s sensitive skin
  • Ideal for wiping paws down to remove any chemicals, debris, or bacteria 

Things to Consider

  • Great Clean container includes 60 wipes, so multi-dog families may go through them quicker
  • Each wipe measures 5-by-6 inches, so larger dogs or bigger messes may require several wipes

Pro tip: Keep a container of Great Clean in your car or truck. Before allowing your dogs access to your vehicle, pop a wipe, swipe across your pup’s paws and tush, and discard into a garbage bin.

Sample buyer review: “I use these all the time! I live in a city, and my dog walks around everywhere; these are great when we come back home! I use them to clean her paws when she is muddy playing outside as well.”

The Anxious Pet Hip & Hop Supplement Bars

Hip & Hop Supplement Bars

You’ve got your power bars and protein snacks, and now your dog can join in the supplement bar fun. Toss a couple Anxious Pet Hip & Hop supplement bars into your dog’s backpack before every hike or outing. Feed your pup one bar daily to support his hip and joint function. You can feed up to two bars per day, depending on your dog’s activity level and size. The proprietary blend of ingredients gets right to work for joint lubrication, cartilage support, and connective tissue health. Think power bar for canine joints!


  • Veterinarian formulated and made in America
  • Made with non-allergenic peanut butter and banana flavor in a cGMP (current good manufacturing process) facility in Kansas
  • 60-day stress-free trial period with a 100 percent full refund guarantee if not satisfied
  • Exclusive TAP40 boost of ingredients may help reduce pain and inflammation
  • Each bar measures 2-by-3 inches and can be broken into pieces for easy serving 

Things to Consider 

  • Only one flavor option: peanut butter and banana
  • Must be stored in a cool, dry place, away from light, heat, and humidity

Sample buyer review: “[My dog] goes to the pantry every morning and evening when it is treat time (how he thinks of these bars as treats). He is so very excited to get these and could not be happier as a new way to give him what he needs for his joints to feel a bit better.”

Kurgo First Aid Kit For Dogs & Cats

Kurgo first aid kit for dogs

You’re out hiking, making memories, and having a blast when something goes wrong. The last thing you need is a bee sting, cut, tick, or any number of “boo-boos” to cut your bonding time short. Active dogs are pathfinders, and they love to explore. This Kurgo first aid kit is compact and sturdy but contains essential items to use during a dog emergency. Aside from the 50 necessary pieces, it also has a handy bottle opener and a spot for personal medical items. Kurgo thought of it all so pet parents don’t have to.


  • Easily rolls up to slip into a backpack or glove compartment for road trips
  • Zippered compartments ensure nothing rolls out or gets lost
  • Outside hook to hang onto a tree or your trunk for easy access when open
  • Lightweight at 14.4 ounces, it won’t weigh a backpack down
  • Includes pet first aid instructions to use when you need them most 

Things to Consider

  • Kurgo does not offer a refill kit, so be sure to replace contents as they are used
  • Only available in one size and one color (paprika)

Sample buyer review: “Just what I needed for travel with my dog. Complete package of possibly needed items. Have purchased other Kurgo products in the past and this kit is the same, very good quality.”

Iesotc Pet Water Bottle with Two Collapsible Bowls

dual water and bowls for dogs

Water and food bowls are two absolute must-haves whenever you travel, hike, or explore with your dog. Lugging around big stainless-steel bowls isn’t ideal, which is why we love this two-in-one option for active dogs. The portable bottle and two collapsible bowls are lightweight and easy to slip into a backpack. The bottle is generously sized at 18 ounces, and the two collapsible bowls are made of 100 percent premium silicone. Style meets function with an affordable price tag. Buy one for yourself and gift another set!


  • The water bottle has a leak-proof design, so no more soggy backpacks or spilled water
  • The foldable cap acts as a water bowl for drinking straight from the bottle
  • Two collapsible bowls with carabiners for portability can be used for food, snacks, or water
  • Lightweight design means dogs stay hydrated, especially on walks and hikes. 
  • Each collapsible bowl can hold 1-1/2 cups of food or 12 ounces of water 

Things to Consider

  • Due to the water bottle design, pet parents may need to hold the bottle while the dog drinks unless you pour water into a separate bowl.
  • Some reviews claimed the bowls were too small for their dogs.

Sample buyer review: “The dog travel water bottle is so much easier than taking along one of those folding bowls and trying to find water or carrying an extra bottle along and pouring it out.”

Ruffwear Grip Trex Outdoor Dog Boots with Rubber Soles

Ruffwear dog boots

From trail to rugged terrain, dogs need their paws protected. Proper fitting, high-quality boots like Ruffwear’s Grip Trex outdoor dog boots are a must-have for canine hikers of all shapes and sizes. These boots add traction to help prevent slips and falls. They can also help stop ice, snow, or debris from forming between your dog’s paw pads that could lead to sores or cuts. As a bonus, Ruffwear’s dog boots are made with tightly woven air mesh that keeps dirt out while allowing proper ventilation.


  • The wide opening makes it easy to put the boots on each paw
  • Reflective trim ensures your dog is seen in the evenings and early mornings
  • Hook and loop hardware cinches around the narrowest part of your dog’s leg for comfort
  • Can be used for daily concrete sidewalk adventures and on hiking trails later on
  • Flexible grip on Vibram outsole ensures traction and flexibility on every adventure
  • Multiple colors and sizes depending on your dog’s paw width

Things to Consider

  • Proper sizing is essential to get the right fit. Measure across the widest part of your dog’s paw when bearing weight.
  • Kurgo recommends sizing down if the dog’s paw is between sizes.
  • Dogs who never wore paw protection will need a period of adjustment. Consider adding one Kurgo boot at a time and allowing your dog to walk around the house in it. 

Sample buyer review: “They fit really well and are true to size/measurements (I followed Ruffwear’s measuring guidelines.) They seem roomy when you put them on but you have to remember that their toes stretch apart when they walk/run so this allows for that movement.”

Bonus Dog Hiking Products

Pet parents who frequently hike or backpack with their dogs might want to consider these additional items to take along:

RUFFLY Only Paw Prints Woven Poop Bag Dispenser

Every canine hiker needs their own poop bag dispenser. This RUFFLY option merges outdoor flair with a wide-mouth zipper to easily insert bag rolls. Bonus stainless swivel clip and no-dangle strap.

 Tractive GPS Tracker for Dogs

The worst thing that can happen on a hiking adventure is for your dog to go missing. A GPS-enabled pet tracker like Tractive is an easy, peace of mind investment. 

Ruffwear Web Master Dog Harness

Your dog’s harness should perform in every day and off-the-beaten-path conditions. Ruffwear’s Web Master dog harness includes a padded chest and belly panel with an assistive handle to help dogs up and over obstacles.

RUFFLY TenderPaws Trekker Bedroll Pet Mat

Take a load off and let your dog refuel and reflect on the RUFFLY TenderPaw Trekker Bedroom Pet Mat. The sturdy water-resistant bottom is accented by a rich, durable cotton fabric called mish. Roll-up and carry strap included. Bonus for machine washability.

Outward Hound DayPak for Dogs

Let’s face it: Dogs need a lot of stuff, so why not let your best furry pal carry some of his goodies? This saddlebag-style lightweight pack has four expandable pockets and is water-resistant.