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6 Baltimore Dog Parks You and Your Dog Will Love

Corgi puppy in Baltimore
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Get your pup out of the house to play and socialize at one of these Baltimore dog parks. Check them out for yourself and let us know which one’s your favorite! 

Here’s our top 6 favorite Baltimore dog parks in no particular order: 

  1. Patterson Dog Park 
  2. Latrobe Park
  3. Canton Dog Park 
  4. Federal Hill Park 
  5. Paw Point Dog Park 
  6. Howards Park Dog Park 

Patterson Dog Park

Location: 200 S Linwood Ave Baltimore, DC 21224

Conveniently located in Patterson Park with easy access for the dogs of Canton and Brewer’s Hill, this park features separate areas for big and small dogs as well as wading pools and water fountains for hot days. Patterson Dog Park also features astroturf hills to run and play on. This park is popular with the locals, so you might meet a new friend while you’re there!

Latrobe Park

Location: 1529 Fort Ave Baltimore, MD 21230

Located in Locust Point, Latrobe Park is fun for humans and dogs! While it does feature a fenced in, off-leash dog park, there’s also plenty of sports fields for the people who come. The dog park even has a waterslide for the most adventurous pups. Just be sure to watch the little guys since it’s one open area. 

Canton Dog Park

Location: 3221 Toone St Baltimore, MD 21224

This park is located in Canton with easy access for the dogs of Fells Point as well. This sand-filled dog park features free poop bags, drinking water, and shade for the humans to hang out in while the pups play. There’s also areas for big and small dogs to run in separately. This park is run by volunteers, so do your part to pick up after your dog!

Federal Hill Park

Location: 300 Warren Ave Baltimore, MD 21230

If you’re looking for a park with a view, this is your place. This park is located in Federal Hill with easy access to residents in Riverside. Federal Hill Park isn’t an off-leash dog park, but it is the perfect place for a long scenic walk with your pup. Enjoy historic monuments and harbor views while your dog enjoys hills and new sniffs.

Paw Point Dog Park 

Location: 1000 Lakeside Dr Baltimore, MD 21210

Paw Point is a membership-based park in Towson but worth the small fee if you’re ready to become a regular. This park is perfect for the water-loving dog as it features a lake for them to play and swim in. Only the enclosure is members only, so you’re still welcome to walk a leashed dog there for free. One other thing to note is that children under 12 are not allowed in the enclosure.

Howards Park Dog Park 

Location: 310 Centre St Baltimore, MD 21201

Another park that features separate enclosures for large and small dogs is Howards Park. This park is most accessible to Downtown Baltimore and is off-leash so your dog is welcome to run and play to their heart’s content.  

We hope you love these dog parks in Baltimore! If you find yourself in NYC or Philadelphia, we’ve got dog park recommendations for you there as well.