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Eloise the Invincible: Puppy Shot in Face Is Beating All the Odds

Eloise the puppy
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No one can understand how or why someone can harm an innocent dog, but that’s exactly what happened to Eloise, a tiny 10-week-old puppy with a spirit larger than life. A monster shot her at point-blank range to her little mouth.

Whoever put that gun to Eloise’s mouth intended to kill her in the most brutal fashion. But Eloise wasn’t prepared to die. 

Thankfully, she was rushed to Blue Pearl’s Emergency Room in New Jersey. It was touch-and-go for a while. She lost a lot of blood, and her entire jaw was shattered from the force of the impact. 

The first priority was to save Eloise’s life, but it wouldn’t be easy and not without costly medical bills. 

Where There Is Love There Is Hope

Eloise being rescued

“As soon as I saw her I said yes,” said Cat Suzuki, founder and president of Hounds in Pounds. “We have an incredible medical team led by Dr. Jaime Terry who works miracles on our worst medical cases.” 

When veterinarians first handled 12-pound Eloise, she was no bigger than the two hands that cradled her. Hounds in Pounds called Eloise’s case the most sickening level of animal cruelty ever against an innocent puppy. 

The bullet entered the pup’s mouth and shattered her mandible (lower jaw), maxilla (upper jaw), and all of the surrounding nerves. What started as an intact jaw became fragments of pulverized bone. 

What she lacked in stature, Eloise made up for with a formidable spirit. She wasn’t about to let the bad guys rob her of hope. Hounds in Pounds gave her a 50/50 chance at survival and counted on donations from caring dog lovers. 

Planning for Puppy Progress

Eloise with bandage on her face

Determination is half the battle in animal abuse cases—funding and a plan of action is the other half. After an emergency CT scan and enlisting the services of a surgical specialty team, the fight to save Eloise began. 

“She is a beautiful puppy with a fun and spunky spirit,” Suzuki stated. “You would never know she has endured all of this. That is one of the most beautiful things about dogs—their will to survive and move on.” 

Once stabilized, the specialty team got to work on Eloise. After her first intensive surgery, she stood up, walked around, wagged her tail, and cried to be picked up and held. With more surgeries planned, Dr. Terry monitored the bone graft closely to determine the next steps.

Modern medicine has come a long way, and Eloise benefited from cold laser treatments to help her mouth heal with syringe feedings to build her strength. Eloise still has several surgeries ahead of her, but she remains blissfully unaware. Her will to live and zest for life is carrying her through every step of the way. 

Dogs Deemed Hopeless Receive A Second Chance

Cat Suzuki won’t give up on dogs who are labeled ‘hopeless’ by others. She and her team have learned never to say ‘never’ to a dog in need. At any given time, Hounds in Pounds cares for 100 or more dogs.  

Initially, Eloise’s estimate for treatment was $12,000—and that is with a ‘rescue discount’ just to get things started. Eloise requires multiple major surgeries, daily bandage changes, physical therapy, pain management, and ongoing care in the future.

“So many dogs who would have otherwise died have gone on to live happy lives,” Suzuki said.

The Hounds in Pounds team understands not everyone has the financial means to support a dog in need. They ask that Eloise’s story be shared on social media to bring them closer to their financial goal. 

A Message To Eloise’s Abusers

If Eloise could say one thing to her abusers, it would likely be, “How do you like me now?!” 

Her post-surgery recovery is going well, but she isn’t out of the woods yet. These days, Eloise is taking each day as it comes and ‘helping’ direct patient care behind Dr. Terry’s front desk. 

She is full of vigor, moxy, and courage. Despite her darkest days, Eloise stays present and lives in the moment. She even manages to bark and squeak at her rescuers. Size and appearance don’t matter to Eloise—she’s a girl who knows exactly what she wants. 

pit bull rescue

Angels Among Us

One look into Eloise’s eyes, and you can see her attitude of gratitude (and oodles of cuteness). Without the team of unsung heroes and network of donating angels, she would not be here today. 

Hounds in Pounds opened their hearts and services to Eloise. CUDDLY helped fund her initial treatment costs. Dog-loving supporters rallied around with donations and shares to ensure Eloise receives the surgeries and ongoing services she needs. It takes a village. 

As of this writing, Hounds in Pounds says Eloise will require at least two more surgeries. It all depends on how her jaw looks as she continues to grow. 

Second-chance dogs teach us so much about life, especially those who are thrown away, abused, and abandoned by the very people who should love and protect them. Eloise finds joy and sheer bliss in the little things—a pat on the head, a scratch behind the ears, a warm bed, and kindness from strangers who are temporary family. 

Eloise has a fighting chance to live a normal life with the grace of a higher power and the kindness of Hounds in Pounds, CUDDLY, and strangers. Visit her CUDDLY campaign page if you’d like to help out with Eloise’s care and learn more about her journey.

Sweet rescue puppy smiling

Update On Eloise

It’s amazing what time, love, and commitment will do for a broken puppy’s spirit. This tenacious little pup touched the hearts of animal lovers everywhere. Her journey isn’t complete, but she is a thriving survivor of animal abuse.

Her before and after photos are remarkable. Tiny Eloise summoned every ounce of energy to make a complete recovery. In the words of Ayn Rand, Eloise embodies this message: “The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me.”

They shattered her jaw with bullets, but these days she lights up like a thousand stars in the sky. Eloise’s personality is spunky, and her appearance speaks volumes to the dedicated team who worked tirelessly on her.

As far as limitations, she has none. She loves to eat and hopes to curl up into the lap and heart of a forever family soon.

With other foster canine siblings, Eloise spends her days napping, playing with toys, and running around with her pack. Cheers to second chances and hope!

“You can’t change a dog’s past, but you can rewrite the future.” –  Agnes Carass