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Pit Bull Influencers On a Mission To Change Hearts and Minds

Noah and Lincoln
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Pit Bulls are unfairly stigmatized, but Palace Harris is doing something about it. His mission-driven dogs are altering perceptions and attitudes of the breed one follower at a time.

The 20-year military veteran counts on his Pitties, Noah and Lincoln, to change hearts and minds. The dynamic canine duo boasts over 415,000 followers on Instagram and nearly four million on TikTok. With each post, they embrace followers and share messages of joy, truth, and laughter.

Looking back on his life with the Pit Bulls, Palace never imagined he and his family would be influencers in the name of dog.

Lincoln and Noah with mom and dad

All About Noah

In 2011, Harris tagged along with a friend who was adopting a dog. When they arrived at the breeder, Harris’ eyes immediately focused on a side little puppy in the corner. He was stunned by the reply when he asked what the breeder planned to do with the little one.

“I plan to get rid of the dog because he can’t make me any money,” the breeder admitted.

It wasn’t a matter of what could he do, but just do it. The new dog dad called his wife, Vivian, on the way home to tell her the happy news.

“I know this wasn’t in the plans,” he shared. “But we just got a dog.”

As he bonded with Noah, Harris realized the insightful Pittie picked up on his feelings and moods. On days when Harris didn’t feel good, Noah ‘sensed’ it and sat by his dad’s side.

Pit Bull sitting pretty

Along Came Lincoln

In 2017 when Harris retired from military life he struggled to acclimate back into civilian society. A few months later, the couple adopted their second dog, Lincoln.

Unlike Noah, whom Harris calls a ‘grumpy old man,’ Lincoln is a goofball who loves to roll on anything and everything.

He admits having dogs is a big responsibility but even more so with Pit Bulls. In his interview with Good Morning America, he admitted Pit Bulls get a bad rap, so you have to become an advocate for the breed.

One of the sweetest videos on their social accounts involves a UPS driver named Howard who was having a bad day.

Vivian walked a very enthusiastic Noah out to the truck as Howard pulled up with deliveries. Before long, Howard found a new best friend in Noah, who smothered the driver with wags, paws, and Pittie love.

“Howard learned the command ‘up’ real quick and Noah didn’t mind following it,” Vivian shared.

Like Dogs, Like Dad

“We do this because it’s always been our mission to change the bully breed stigma by creating fun and educational content,” Harris wrote on a recent Instagram post. “Changing hearts and minds with Noah and Lincoln’s warm, gentle and sweet temperaments continues in 2023.”

Pit Bull smiles

His dogs are often stereotyped, but Harris relates. He told Good Morning America that he doesn’t smile a lot or shake people’s hands, so he is often stereotyped as mean. Together with his wife, they show the world that Pit Bulls are incredible dogs who deserve a chance.

“Our dogs have inspired us to make a positive impact by connecting us to so many people all over the world. Using social media as an avenue to show Noah and Lincoln’s personalities has allowed us to change many minds and hearts about a breed that is greatly discriminated against.”

Palace Harris

Catch Up With Noah and Lincoln on Social Media

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All images posted with permission from @noah_and_lincoln.