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Dogs Who Stopped to Smell the Flowers

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If there’s one thing these dogs have taught us, it’s the importance of stopping to smell the roses (or whatever flowers happen to be blooming in your neighborhood). Check out these dogs that stopped to sniff the flowers!

  1. Pretty flowers? Check. Beyoncé fan? Also check.

2. What do we think of this mountain? This is a bloomin’ good mountain.


3. Remember those awkward school photos your parents made you take in grade school?


4. Flower selfies are essential this season. I hope thistle cheer you up.


5. Coachella ready!


6. I didn’t choose the flower child life, the flower child life chose me.


7. If you don’t coordinate your outfit with your flowers, you’re doing it wrong.


8. Alexa, play “Bloom” by Troye Sivan.


9. Hey, you. Go buy yourself some flowers today.


10. Cherry Blossoms bloom between March and April. Here’s a photo to give you FOMO.


11. I prefer to get in and amongst the blooms. They match my fur.


12. Posing with my best buds (get it?)


13. Does anyone nose where the closest flower shop is?


14. My pawrents thought the flowers were pretty, but I thought I was prettier.


15. “If flowers were friends, I’d pick you.” – Unknown


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