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Ariana Grande’s Dogs: A Look at Her Many Rescue Pets

Ariana Grande
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Ariana Grande is a global superstar with a massive soft spot for animals. When she’s not in the recording studio, out on the road touring or on stage acting, she’s usually off spending time with her pets. As her fans know, Grande is a huge animal advocate. In fact, during one interview, she proclaimed: “I love animals more than I love most people, not kidding.”

Grande is a vegan who often campaigns for animal rights. And she’s constantly opening her heart, and her home up to animals. The 28-year-old and her husband, Dalton Gomez, have many four-legged friends that they call roommates, and family members! Here’s a look at the Ariana Grande dogs.

How Many Dogs Does Ariana Grande Have?

Ariana Grande currently has 10 dogs that reside with her—and a pot-bellied pig. She’s a big advocate of pet adoption, has visited local shelters near her Los Angeles home, and has even picked up some pets from area shelters while touring across the United States. 

The majority of her pets are rescue animals, with heart-warming backstories. And the singer is such an advocate of animal rescue that in 2020, she opened up her very own animal rescue in Los Angeles, Orange Twins Rescue

Her nonprofit’s mission is to “rescue and rehabilitate animals in need” and the company welcomes in senior animals, strays, as well as neglected and abused animals, plus animals with special needs. It’s a passion project for Grande that allows her to continue to find an outlet for giving pets in need a home, without adding too many more to her own home. We’re sure 10 dogs and 1 pig keep her quite busy! 

Ariana Grande’s Dogs Names

  • Toulouse
  • Myron
  • Cinnamon
  • Strauss
  • Coco
  • Snape
  • Lily
  • Ophelia
  • Sirius
  • Fawkes
  • Lafayette
  • Pignoli


This Beagle-Chihuahua mix definitely holds a special place in the singer’s heart. Grande rescued him in 2013 from a local animal shelter. He’s often seen traveling with her on the road and once even graced the cover of Vogue with her. He also appeared in an ad for Coach. She named him after one of the kittens from the Disney movie The Aristocrats. Often referred to as “Toulouse Grande,” this pup has garnered quite the attention after being a regular in his mama’s social media posts.


This Pit Bull mix was Grande’s late ex, Mac Miller’s dog, whom he adopted from Wylder’s Holistic Pet Center & Rescue in Studio City, California, while he and Grande were dating. After Miller’s death, this pup joined the rest of Ariana Grande’s dogs and is a big presence in the pack.


This Pit Bull Mix came into Grande’s life in 2014 after being found in a box on the side of the street and transported to a rescue. Grande posted on her social media to announce her new fur baby’s arrival: “Now she lives with me and my other babies! She will be safe, spoiled and loved unconditionally! Absolutely shatters my heart how somebody could toss an innocent creature aside like that.” She was just five-months-old when Grande took her home.


In 2015, while in town to perform at the BOK Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Grande was surprised with eight dogs from the Animal Rescue Foundation of Tulsa during her pre-show meet and greet. That’s where she fell in love with Strauss, a Yorkshire Terrier, whom she instantly decided to adopt. That same night, her mother and DJ also took home rescue dogs of their own.


Granded adopted this Dachshund-German Shepherd mix in 2010. She affectionately refers to her as “baby girl.” The pup is a big cuddle bug. 


Grande named this Basset Hound after Professor Severus Snape from the Harry Potter franchise. She adopted him in 2019, alongside another pup named Lilly.


This pup, another Basset Hound, is named after Lily Potter from the Harry Potter franchise. Grande posted on her social media about adopting her in 2019, at the same time as Snape.


This black Labradoodle, who joined Grande’s pack in 2013, has a cute story about how she got her name. Rumor has it, Grande thought the name sounded old and proper and found it funny. The name stuck! Now Ophelia lives with Grande’s mom, Joan.  


This Labradoodle, also named after a Harry Potter character, won over Grande but also her mom. He now also reportedly resides with the singer’s mother, as they’ve become quite close.


Grande rescued the spunky Shiba Inu in 2014. She’s an adorable little ball of fur who looks like a tiny fox. 


This adorable bloodhound came into Grande’s life in 2016. And judging by this Instagram post from the summer of 2021, their bond is still going strong.


This adorable little Chihuahua mix was gifted to Grande by her mom in 2017. The name comes from a popular Italian cookie.

Bonus: Piggy Smallz

Not quite a dog but part of the pack for sure! Piggy Smallz, a pot-bellied pig, came into Grande’s life when she and her ex boyfriend, Pete Davidson, adopted him. While filming an episode of Late Night with Seth Meyers in 2018, Davidson said this of how the pig came into the then couple’s lives: “This girl, she was like, ‘I want a pig,’ and then an hour later, it was just there.”

Ariana Grande’s Dogs’ Personalities

Grande’s dogs all seem to have very distinctive personalities. By far the one who makes his way into the spotlight the most is Toulouse. Fans even know him as “Toulouse Grande.” In addition to accompanying her on the road and in campaigns, he’s made his way onto talk shows. He appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, looked immediately at the camera and worked it for the crowd.

Myron has left a big impression on Grande’s heart. After Miller passed away, she got a tattoo that says “Myron” on her left foot.

Snape likes to make funny faces, which Grande sometimes captures and puts online. He appears very mischievous and always up to something. And his sister Lilly, has been spotted chewing on her owner’s shoelaces.

Pignoli may be the smallest of Ariana Grande’s dogs but he holds his own! He loves his mom’s music and even hops up on the mixing board during some of her recording sessions. And Coco loves to go for walks with the singer.

Cinnamon seems very laid back and is frequently lounging in the background of Grande’s Instagram posts, sometimes with her ears adorably flipped out, while Lafayette is a huge cuddler—and chewer! And even though Ophelia and Sirius no longer live with the singer, they get lots of love whenever Grande visits her mom.

Grande has said that Fawkes is the brave one, describing her as: “the fiercest, sweetest, and most daring nature” and is “constantly play-fighting and wrestling with Toulouse even [though] she’s half his size.”

Ariana Grande’s Dogs: Favorite Activities

It doesn’t seem like there are many places Ariana Grande goes without her dogs these days. She’s always out walking one or two at a time, spotted carrying one in her arms or hanging out with them in the background of her social media posts.

She takes a few of her clan, like Toulouse, on the road with her whenever she gets the chance.  She once told Jimmy Fallon: “He comes on tour. He sleeps very well on the tour bus.”

She once flew Toulouse and Myron to Europe with her while out on the road. The pups enjoyed a stay in their own £2,500-a-night penthouse suite, complete with a Jacuzzi and rooftop garden!

Grande also likes to put her dogs into her music videos. Toulouse Grande accompanied her in her music video for 7 Rings.

But though the star has the funds to spoil the heck out of her pups, she seems to enjoy the simple pleasures of life with them the most: cuddling on the couch, taking silly selfies together and hanging out at home.

With all the pups in her life, Grande’s heart seems full. And while there will likely be more dogs to find their way into her home, there’s one animal she likely won’t be adding to the mix anytime soon. The singer is allergic to cats.

Feature image credit: lev radin / Shutterstock.com