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Terms of submission

• You’re granting Covetrus, Inc. and its friendly affiliates (that’s us) the go-ahead to use your stories, photos or videos of you or your pet in all sorts of places like our websites, publications, social media, ads, and more. Whether it’s part of your job or a fun collaboration with us, your participation in photos, videos, or recordings is entirely your call.*

• Once we’ve got these fantastic photos and any cool spin-offs, they become our exclusive property. But don’t worry, you can still use them for personal, non-commercial stuff whenever you want.

• We might spread your adorable photos all over the place—internet, TV, radio, print, you name it! Don’t worry, we’ll give you credit! Your name or your pet’s name might shine in these photos, and we won’t bug you for approval beforehand. We’re setting you free from any concerns or claims related to how we use or share these photos.

• Before you share your photo with us, please make sure everyone in the picture (we’ll call them “Subjects”) is cool with it! They need to know and agree that Covetrus might use their picture in all sorts of places and for any use, without notifying them. By sending us this photo, you’re promising that all Subjects have given their okay. If something slips through the cracks, and someone in the photo isn’t happy, it’s on you to sort it out, and you’ll need to cover any costs that come up because of it. If a Subject or their parent/guardian sees the photo and wants it down, they just need to drop us a line in writing with proof of who they are and which photo they’re in. Covetrus will then do its best to take down the photo pronto! Email us here.*

• You were holding the camera when creating this photo or video, and you haven’t signed any agreement with anyone else or any other websites regarding the submitted content.

• Sending in that photo means you’ve read this, you get it, and you’re on board with everything we’ve chatted about here. You affirm that you’re at least eighteen (18) years old and have the right to enter into this agreement. You’ve reviewed and agreed to these Terms of Submission and the Privacy Policy.