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7 Dog-Friendly Wineries in California

Happy lady with dog at a winery in Napa
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California single handedly produces 81 percent of the wine in the United States, according to the Wine Institute, with an estimated economic impact of $40 billion. No bones about it, it’s big business. California’s scenic wine region attracts plenty of visitors who come to sip—and even appeals to those who yip. 

The Golden State is home to an eclectic range of wineries in regions like Napa, Temecula, Paso Robles, and Sonoma, so it’s no surprise that a number of these vineyards not only allow dogs but encourage them. Rolling hills, inviting patios, treat pairings, and even a souvenir bottle featuring a rescue…what’s not to love? Even better, so many canine-embracing wineries regularly donate to local animal shelters and programs.

If you want to do Napa with your lapdog, we’ve narrowed down some of the best and most dog-friendly wineries in California, so you can both soak up the vacation.

How Many Wineries in California Allow Dogs?

Dog walking through grape vines at a winery

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California is the largest and most popular wine region in the United States, with thousands of wineries peppering the North and Central Coast, the Central Valley, the Sierra Foothills, and Southern California. For vino-loving dog parents on holiday in Sonoma or Santa Barbara, there are hundreds of dog-friendly wineries that welcome canine companions. 

Because California is rich in sunshine and laid-back attitudes, dog owners will feel welcome at many outdoor—and even some indoor—tasting rooms with pups in tow.

In fact, dogs are not only welcome at many well-known wineries across the state, but they are exalted at a select few that pamper visiting pups with treats, parks, and even their own vintages. 

7 Best Dog-Friendly Wineries in California

We’ve searched and swished for the best dog-friendly wineries in Napa and beyond, so all parties will feel pleasantly buzzed by the experience. Book your appointment, come thirsty, and bring a doggie bowl.

Tamber Bey, Napa

1251 Tubbs Lane, Calistoga

You won’t feel self-conscious about your four-legged plus-one at this unique, pet-friendly winery in Napa. It’s also a ranch for retired and rescue horses. If your canine doesn’t mind a few equines, Tamber Bey is a special experience for dog and parent. Take in views of Mount St. Helena and Palisades as you mingle with horses from the courtyard near the stables, plus take advantage of an on-premises dog park. The estate produces a number of reds and whites, available by the glass or by flight. Add a savory cookie pairing for just $15. (We’re sure no one will bat an eye if you share a cookie with your good boy.) Picnic lunches are also available. 

Honig Vineyard & Winery, Napa

850 Rutherford Road, Rutherford

Honig has been a family-owned winery for nearly six decades, and today they are also sustainable and solar-powered. Of interest to dog- and wine-lovers alike, the winery employs gorgeous Golden Retriever “sniffer dogs” who can detect harmful mealybugs that destroy crops like wine grapes—thus reducing the use of pesticides. Honig specializes in just two varietals: cabernet sauvignon and sauvignon blanc. The motto at Honig is “We’re dog friendly as long as your dog is friendly.” Water and treats are provided to both dogs and humans. 

Oak Mountain Winery, Temecula

36522 Via Verde, Temecula

High in the hills of the Temecula Valley, Oak Mountain stands out among the dog-friendly wineries in Temecula for its canine philanthropy and because it’s Southern California’s only mined wine caves. Dogs are allowed in the picnic area and patio, as well as the tasting room (on leash and well behaved, of course). In addition to its breathtaking scenery and strawberry sparkling wine, Oak Mountain offers “dog label” varietals under the name Windy Ridge, with proceeds benefiting local nonprofits Cause Fur Paws and Animal Town Sanctuary. When visitors aren’t dining below ground in the cave or checking out the adjacent distillery for a cocktail, they might be enjoying the views, sips, and free Wi-Fi with Fido from a climate-controlled outdoor pavilion. 

Tablas Creek Vineyard, Paso Robles

9339 Adelaide Road, Paso Robles

Our vote for the best dog-friendly winery in Paso Robles is Tablas Creek, an organic vineyard featuring free-roaming alpacas and sheep. Canine companions are greeted with treats and water bowls, and the very best boys and gals are even welcome to join tours of the vineyard on a leash. Coat your human palate in French-style wines with a California twist; this winery was founded with a partnership between families hailing from France’s Rhone Valley. The sheep, alpacas, and donkeys help with what’s called “biodynamic” growing. They naturally reduce weeds, increase fertilization, and will likely be a source of entertainment for your dog. Whatever the weather, outdoor tastings are heated or shaded for the season, keeping you and your pup comfy. 

Mutt Lynch Winery, Sonoma

9050 Windsor Road, Windsor

From the name to the label, Mutt Lynch is the self-proclaimed most dog-friendly winery in Sonoma County…but we’d have to agree. Starting with their mission statement to “enjoy…limited production, handcrafted wines with dog-awesome labels, preferably with a dog or two at your side,” this woman-owned and operated winery by Brenda Lynch caters to wunderpups as much as their wine-drinking parents. Mutt Lynch is close to Healdsburg and open to the public seven days a week with no reservations required. It’s fun-loving and dog-crazed—from the doggy labels, to their merchandise, to a dedicated area called the Hound Lounge. Complimentary dog treat flights are available for all fur babies looking to get fancy while their owners try one of the many varieties, from chardonnay to merlot to a rosé. A portion of Lynch’s time and proceeds are donated to international animal rescue organizations. 

Zaca Mesa Winery, Santa Barbara

6905 Foxen Canyon Road, Los Olivos

With stunning hiking trails and life-sized chess, you might forget you brought your dog here to watch you drink wine. Luckily dogs can be part of the experience, indoors or outdoors, as Zaca Mesa is among the dog-friendly wineries in Santa Barbara County. It’s also the third-oldest winery established here, founded in 1973. Located in the Santa Ynez Valley, the vineyard benefits from the region’s microclimates, which aid in the production of its dark, full-bodied reds like Syrah and its grenache blanc grapes. Your pooch will benefit from (leashed) access to the grounds and if you time your visit just right, you can participate in the annual hike through the vineyard in the spring. 

Tips for Visiting Dog Friendly Wineries in California

Dog at a vineyard looking at grapes

First and foremost, wine is made from grapes and dogs cannot eat grapes. If you have a puppy or a little buddy or who will put anything in their mouth, maybe reconsider a winery where fallen grapes and alcohol could be easily accessible to curious snoots. 

Even if a winery is welcoming to dogs, it doesn’t mean they are allowed on all tours or areas of the vineyard. If you’re planning on joining a tour, call ahead about bringing a pet. Due to the pandemic, it’s best to call ahead before visiting any winery to double-check on making appointments for tastings and the current pet policies. Most of the wineries listed require appointments to visit and cap group maximums to about eight—not including four-legged guests. 

Even if a winery claims to offer water and treats, it’s always a good idea to pack your own. Any parents, including a pet parent, know the value of having snacks on hand for antsy fur babies. 

It also goes without saying to make sure your dog is comfortable around crowds and is able to follow basic commands before bringing them to a restaurant or vineyard. Dogs are expected to be on leash at all times at a winery; probably a great idea with tipsy adults wandering the grounds.