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Win a grand prize holiday pup package valued over $2,000!

Enter for a chance to win these awesome pup prizes!

  • $500 of Shutterfly Gift Card for Pet Products
  • 2 Embark Breed + Health Tests
  • $500 Earth Animal Products, including Wisdom Air-Dried Food, No-Hide Rolls and No-Hide Strips!
  • $500 of PetSafe Products, including 2nd Gen Smart Automatic Dog/Cat Feeder, Automatic Ball Launcher, Happy Ride® Quilted Bench Seat Cover and more!
  • YOUR dog featured on @DogsOfInstagram

Thanks to our sponsors!

About Shutterfly

If you’re looking for a pet lover’s gift, you’ll find what you need in Shutterfly’s collection. Shutterfly features personalized gifts for pet lovers that can be tailored to your favorite styles, themes, occasions, and holidays — we have everything you need to make the perfect keepsakes that celebrate every pet.

About Embark

Embark provides the most accurate dog DNA tests on the market. Their Breed + Health Test provides dog owners with unparalleled access to comprehensive breed information and valuable health insights. Trust in Embark for a deeper understanding of your dog’s unique genetic makeup and a stronger bond with your four-legged family member.

About Earth Animal

Whether offering healthy, wholesome alternatives to rawhide and processed food or helping the world discover new choices in wellness solutions, Earth Animal’s purpose is simple: make the highest quality pet products, always considering their environmental impact, and doing it all another way. Looking for the very best pet food and treats for your favorite furry friend?

Chews joy. Chews Earth Animal.

About PetSafe

At PetSafe, our purpose is to Unleash a lifetime of joy for pets & their families. We founded PetSafe based on a simple truth: safe and healthy pets make for happy pets and happy pet families. Ever since, we’ve been growing and innovating non-stop to deliver life-changing products and experiences to a global community of pet parents.

PetSafe® | Dog Fences | Feeders | Collars | Cat Litter Boxes