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Unleashing the Power of Love: Pittie Mix Breaks Stereotypes and Rules Social Media

Baloo Pittie Mix is overcoming stereotypes
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Baloo is all about destroying toys and breaking stereotypes. Ask any of his 212,000 Instagram followers, and they’ll tell you Baloo also melts hearts and induces laughter.

Like most rescue dogs, Baloo’s life wasn’t always sunshine and tail wags. Bella Boone, then an 18-year-old college freshman, found him at the back of a shelter where she volunteered her time. It was love at first wag, as the bunny-eared Pittie mix stole Bella’s heart.

The dedicated college student bonded with her new canine love and set her sights on helping dispel Pittie misconceptions. She knew hearing the words Pit Bull made some people turn away in fear. Despite societal misgivings, Baloo’s Instagram account is thriving and educating.

Bella and Baloo in a quiet moment

“Adopting Baloo has changed my life in more ways than one,” Bella admits. “But after seeing how much of an impact adopting him had on me, it’s become my goal to do the same for as many dogs and families as possible.”

Through her daily photos and reels, Bella shows Baloo’s followers how well he is trained and how loving he is. With great influence comes great responsibility. At the tender age of three, Baloo signed with an animal influencer management company and began working with brands like Sony Music and Swiffer.

Proving His Prowess in Canine Sports

Baloo is more than a pretty face, AKC Canine Good Citizen, and rockstar canine influencer. He’s also an athlete. Whether it’s trick training or dock diving, Fast CAT or agility, Baloo hasn’t met a canine sport he doesn’t like.

“Since starting our agility journey, almost every other sport has been put on the back burner, Bella wrote on Baloo’s Instagram. “I can’t wait to begin showing in novice-level agility this year, I feel like we’re ready to get the ball rolling and start learning even more about ourselves as a team.”

Baloo as agility dog

Baloo embraces his soft side when not breaking stereotypes and embracing dog sports with the energy of an Olympic athlete. His mom says Baloo loves nibbling on his favorite toys, friends, and people. He’s 80 pounds of solid love and athleticism, which Bella captures in each social media post.

Paying the Pittie Love Forward Through Fostering

Bella wishes every dog in shelter care could find a forever home. She understands shelters are full and rescues are running out of necessary resources. Inspired by her relationship with Baloo, she pays it forward.

“I dedicate my free time to giving back to local shelters and rescues, as well as fostering dogs in need and setting them up for success in their forever homes through proper training and socialization,” Bella says.

Baloo Pittie Mix smiles for camera

There’s one thing she wants everyone to consider, and that’s fostering. Shelters cannot house dogs that are afraid or lashing out in the shelter environment, and fostering solves this dilemma. Sadly, there aren’t enough people stepping up to foster a dog.

She admits that when fostering a dog, she knows the dog has not found his forever home with her. However, they are the reason those dogs got the chance to find one.

“There is nothing better than watching a foster find their personality and learn how to be a dog. Nothing better to watch as their skin clears up and their eyes get brighter. Is it hard to say goodbye? Of course. But think of where they’d be if it weren’t for you.”

Baloo is a rescue dog

Catch Up With Baloo on Social Media

Follow Baloo’s social media accounts through his website.

All images posted with permission from @bully.baloo.