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50 Dog Birthday Puns To Make You Smile

Dog at a birthday celebration
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Millions of pet parents celebrate dog birthdays, and with good reason. Dogs embrace every moment with joy and happiness and teach us to be the best versions of ourselves.

When you have a bad day, dogs are there to cheer you up. Our furry friends hold no judgments, listen to our rants and never tell a soul our deepest secrets. 

We owe it to them to woof it up on the day they entered this world. If you don’t know your dog’s official birthday, celebrate their “gotcha” day instead. 

Every single day seems like a dog birthday party because dogs celebrate life. Whether your pooch is a puppy, middle aged, or a stunning senior, dog birthday puns are oodles (or is that Poodles) of fun. 

These 50 dog birthday puns are perfect for writing in snail mail cards to family and friends and sharing on social media for your dog’s life celebration. 

Dog parent pro tip: Bookmark this link for the next time you hit Instagram or TikTok in honor of the birthday of your dog or a friend’s dog. 

Funny Dog Birthday Puns

Dog smiling and celebrating with birthday cake

It’s your bark-day so let’s paw-ty and woof it up!

Be-leash me when I say, “Happy birthday to my best fur-end!”

The leash I can do is say I am extra paw-ssionate about you on your birthday.

It’s your big day! Time for re-tail therapy and bark-aritas!

Let’s give the paw-parazzi something to bark about for your birthday!

You’re a su-paw star who always nose how to make every day a celebration.

You are a true legend on your birthday and always. I Shih Tzu not. 

If you think I’d forget your birthday, you’d be barking up the wrong tree.

I tried to throw my dog a birthday picnic party, but it quickly turned into a bark-beque. 

Dog sniffing birthday cake at party

Someone invited a cat to the dog’s birthday party. She quickly turned up the mewsic.

It’s your birthday, motherpupper, so raise the woof and get your wag on! 

What the fluff? How is it already your birthday? 

My dog wanted to start collecting other dogs for his birthday. So I gave him a couple of Pointers.

No one should worry about holding their licker on their birthday. 

Keep calm and bark on? I can’t – it’s my birthday!

Pardon my Frenchie, but the leash I can do is wish you a paw-tastic day!

I won’t be a Mal-tease, so I’ll get right to the point – unleash the fun today!

Dog-gone it, I fur-got your birthday. I find myself a-paw-ling sometimes.

My dog wanted a pool paw-ty for his birthday. All attendees were good buoys.

I’m so happy it’s your birthday that I can’t cake my eyes off you. 

I ordered my dog a birthday present from a cat-alogue. He hounded me about it for a year.

My dog offered his teddy bear a slice of birthday cake, but he was too stuffed to eat.

Puppy Birthday Puns

Dog birthday hat a puppy in a bed

Puppy birthday parties are so loud because they turn up the volume on the sub-woof-ers.

Now that you’re a year old, don’t stop retrieving and hold on that fur-eeling.

If you think there ‘mutt’ be a chance I’d fur-get your birthday, you’d be far-fetched.

You are so a-dog-able and I love you furry much on your birthday and always!

Fur reals, today is your birthday and that’s the bone-ified truth.

I checked your pee-mail and all your fur-ends wish you a happy first birthday!

I’d never miss the a-paw-tunity to wish you a happy first birthday. 

For your in-fur-mation, one is the new six months. You look bark-tastic. 

You still live with your paw-rents, but they throw you birthday parties. So raise the woof. 

Eat. Sleep. Play. Poop. Repeat. These are the makings of a puppy birthday paw-ty.

It’s my first birthday paw-ty, I’ll bark if I want to!

I got in trouble for inviting too many puppies to the birthday party. The cops said I Rover-dosed.

My puppy is egg-stra special on his birthday, and that’s no yoke. 

My dog never eats birthday cake too fast. He doesn’t bite the hound that feeds him.

Dog Birthday Jokes

Funny dog celebrating tenth birthday

What did Lady say to the Tramp on his birthday? 
I’m mutts about chew!

How did the dog know who called to wish him a happy birthday?
He had collar ID. 

What did the Dalmatian say after eating a slice of birthday cake?
Bow wow, that really hit the spot.

What did the pet parent ask her puppy on his first birthday?
Would you prefer ice cream or pup-sicles?

Why did the dog take his fur-ends to the dance club on his birthday?
He wanted to raise the woof and paw-ty. 

What television show did the English Cocker Spaniel want to binge on his birthday?
Dog-ton Abbey 

What breed of dog can’t wish you a happy birthday?
A hush puppy

What happened to the dog who swallowed a watch on his birthday?
He ended up with ticks

Why did the man name his new puppies Rolex and Timex on their birthday?
He wanted watch dogs

Which dog was the most obedient at the birthday party?
The Sit Bull Terrier

Why did the dog walk on sandpaper on his birthday?
He said he had a ruff year.

What’s it called when you re-use last year’s dog party decorations? 
A refur-bash

Why did the dog serve pickles at his birthday party?
He wanted to relish the moment.

Why did the dog invite a raccoon to his birthday celebration?
So he could get trashed.

What movie did the dinosaur-loving dog watch at his birthday party?
Jurassic Bark