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Win $2,000 in prizes to spoil your lovable pup and be the best dog parent ever!

Enter for a chance to win these awesome pup prizes!

  • 3-month supply Nutrientboost Kibble and Nutrientboost Topper from Solid Gold
  • 2 Embark Vet Breed + Health Tests
  • $500 Rover gift card
  • $250 West Paw gift card
  • YOUR dog featured on @DogsOfInstagram

Thanks to our sponsors!

About Solid Gold

Since 1974, Solid Gold® has been a proven pioneer in craveable holistic nourishment, harnessed in the gut, to help pet families thrive. With over 40 years of nutritional expertise for dogs and cats, we know that pet wellness isn’t just about what you feed your pet. It’s also what they get out of it. That’s why our range of premium kibble, wet food, supplements, and toppers provide mouthwatering, benefit-driven ingredients that nourish every moment of your special bond together.

About Embark

At Embark, our mission is to improve the life and longevity of all dogs through science and technology. The technology we established with Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine enabled us to have the most potential to make the genetic discoveries that help us get closer to fulfilling our mission. And that brings us to Embark’s Dog DNA test. Developed by veterinarians in partnership with Cornell, it’s the world’s most accurate, highest-rated dog DNA test.

About Rover

Rover offers loving pet care in your neighborhood. Book with trusted, local dog and cat sitters who will treat your pets like family. Every booking made on Rover is backed by 24/7 support and the Rover Guarantee.