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35 Songs About Dogs We Can’t Stop Singing

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If you do a quick search for “songs about dogs,” you’ll find an endless assortment. Songwriters like to write about things that inspire them, and what better inspiration is there than man’s best friend? Dogs are friends, travel companions, exercise buddies, and part of the family. They can make us laugh, feel warm and fuzzy inside, and shed some tears when they get older and pass away.

Dogs have been the subjects of songs dating back centuries. Whether you’re looking for nursery rhymes about dogs, classic rock songs about dogs, country songs about dogs, or even rap songs about dogs, music lovers will have no problem finding canine-centric songs within their favorite genre. Here are some songs about dogs that are definitely worth checking out.

Most Popular Songs About Dogs

With so many songs about dogs to choose from, we started our journey here. From a “bone-afide” early 2000s hit to a classic children’s song about a farmer and his pup, here are 10 of the most popular songs about dogs.

“Who Let The Dogs Out” (Baha Men)

For many, this Top 40 single was the anthem of the year in 2000. A fun fact about the song is that it’s actually a cover of the 1998 song “Doggie” by Trinidadian artist Anslem Douglas. We dare you to not start barking along when this song starts up. 

“Hound Dog” (Big Mama Thornton)

This song became famous when Elvis Presley sang it, but the tune was originally written by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller and performed by Big Mama Thornton. Her version spent seven weeks at No. 1 in the R&B charts and was a beloved favorite by “The King.”

“How Much is that Doggie in the Window?” (Patti Page)

This 1953 song spent eight weeks on the top of the Billboard music charts. It’s such a fun song with great dog lyrics and is guaranteed to be in your head all day after giving it a listen. As Patti sings in the tune, she doesn’t want a bunny, a parrot, or a bowl of fish; it’s only a dog for her.

“I Love My Dog” (Cat Stevens)

This is a sweet song in which Cat Stevens shows that his love for his dog is as much as his love for his partner. It’s a catchy folk song that you should absolutely listen to if you are a fellow dog lover.

“B-I-N-G-O” (Unknown)

This folk song (and preschool classic!) follows the adventures of a farmer who had a dog “and Bingo was his name-o.” The exact history of this tune is unknown, but it’s thought that it may have come from a piece of sheet music dating back to 1780. This one definitely tops the list of songs about dogs you’ll have a hard time getting out of your head.

“Move It On Over” (Hank Williams/George Thorogood)

This song has the classic dog lyric “move over little dog, a mean, old dog is movin’ in,” which people love to sing. It’s all about a man who finds himself in the doghouse.

“I Love My Dog” (Sublime)

This happy dog song is a tribute to the band’s famous Dalmatian Louie, aka “King Louie” or  “Lou Dog.” Fans of the band are very familiar with this pup, as he makes appearances in other songs as well. And, of course, Lou Dog is also in the music video.

“Martha My Dear” (The Beatles)

Martha wasn’t a human girl, but she was an Old English Sheepdog that once belonged to Sir Paul McCartney. The fact that he refers to her as “my dear” is just so…endearing!

“I Wanna Be Your Dog” (The Stooges) 

This hit song was ranked number 438 on Rolling Stone magazine’s 500 Greatest Songs of All Time. It was the band’s debut single in which Iggy Pop sings about wanting to be the pet of a romantic interest.

“Walking the Dog” (Rufus Thomas)

This song, which has been covered by everyone from Aerosmith to Green Day to Roger Daltrey, among others, is a fun song about showing someone how to “walk the dog,” which is allegedly slang for showing someone how to overpower or outsmart others.

Country Songs About Dogs

Country artists sure love their dogs. They’ll write songs about hound dogs, hunting companions, ranch dogs, and more. Here are five country songs about dogs that will make you appreciate your pup. Some are funny, some will bring on the sentimental feelings, and others may be tear jerkers. 

“Like My Dog” (Billy Currington) 

The one way to this country crooner’s heart – well, according to this song, at least – is to love him like his dog does. Case in point, this lyric: “He never says, ‘I wish you made more money.’ He always thinks that pull my finger’s funny. I want you to love me like my dog.”

“Little Boys Grow Up And Dogs Get Old” (Luke Bryan)

Warning: This tune will tug at your heartstrings. It’s a sweet song about time passing by and the journey of a boy growing up with his dog.

“The More Boys I Meet” (Carrie Underwood)

Carrie Underwood was introduced to a lot of single men in her day, but the more she met, the more they just reminded her of how much she liked her pup…at least, according to this adorable country song about dogs!

“Ol’ Red” (Blake Shelton)

This song is a wild story about a singer who lands in jail for killing his wife’s lover, then gets a job taking care of a guard’s dog, and then finds another dog for that dog to fall in love with. Talk about a quintessential country tune! 

“Cracker Jack” Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton sings about a dog she once had with a patch around his eye and long legs. She reveals that she found him by a riverbed, picked him up and nursed him back to health. It’s a truly heartwarming dog song from the Queen of Country.

Rock Songs About Dogs

From hopping on the tour bus with them to giving them somebody loyal to come home to, rock ‘n’ roll artists love their pups. Many have found ways to honor them in songs, whether that’s using the word “dog” in their song title or actually writing tunes in tribute to dogs they once shared their lives with.

“Bron-Y-Aur Stomp” (Led Zeppelin)

Zeppelin fans have noticed that Robert Plant screams out “Strider” as this song comes to an end. Strider was the name of his dog at the time: a blue-eyed, merle-coated Collie and the inspiration for this tune. 

“The Reason A Dog” (Aerosmith)

This rock song about dogs comes off Aerosmith’s Done With Mirrors album and has fun dog lyrics like “Heads and tails. You’re all out of love. Like the reason a dog has so many friends, he wags his tail instead of his tongue.”

“Diamond Dogs” (David Bowie)

This popular rock song is a David Bowie classic and is the title track to his 1974 album. It also introduces listeners to Bowie’s new persona, Halloween Jack, who lives in a post-apocalyptic Manhattan. 

“Quiche Lorraine” (The B-52’s)

This rock song about dogs talks about Quiche La Poodle, who goes off in search of a Great Dane. The poodle is dyed dark green with a two-inch tail, sunglasses, and a bonnet! 

“Rover” (Jethro Tull)

This song comes from the band’s album Heavy Horses, in which several songs are written from the perspective of being an animal, like a horse, a mouse, and in this case, a loyal dog.

Rap Songs About Dogs

While there aren’t too many rap songs about dogs, these few are the perfect picks if you’re in the mood for a little hip-hop or R&B.

“Doggy Dogg World” (Snoop Dogg)

It wouldn’t be a rap song about dogs list if we didn’t include the original Doggfather himself, Snoop Dogg. In classic Snoop form, lyrics include “You’se a flea, and I’m the Big Dogg.”

“It’s My Dog’s Birthday” (T-Pain)

The music video makes this a great rap song about dogs. It features an array of adorable dogs in birthday hats, wearing bling necklaces and living their best rap dog life. Get ready for a lot of cute bulldog scenes! 

Where My Dogs At? (DMX)

Known for his intense rapping style, DMX made an incredible impact on the rap genre throughout the late ‘90s and 2000s. More specifically, in 2012, he released “Where My Dogs At,” proclaiming, “We gon’ walk these dogs ‘til the bitter end.”

Fun Songs About Dogs

Dogs are silly. They make us laugh. They help us to appreciate the carefree side of things and remind us not to take life too seriously. Thus, it’s only fitting that some artists have chosen to write fun songs about dogs. Here are a few that are sure to bring on the smiles. 

“Atomic Dog” (George Clinton)

This song combines funk and hip hop elements and includes the extremely popular line you’ve likely heard many times, “Bow-wow-wow-yippie-yo-yippie-yeah.” It’s a very fun song with all sorts of cool sound effects in the background. There’s even a series of “Ruff, Ruff, Ruffs” in the middle!

“He Wags His Butt” (Bryant Oden)

When it comes to funny songs about dogs, this one tops the list. “My dog doesn’t have a tail. But I’ll tell you what. He wags his butt.” Play it for your kids – they’ll surely get a good laugh over this one.

“The Puppy Song” (Harry Nilsson)

“If only I could have a puppy.” This is a cute song about a guy dreaming about having a pup by his side and talking about all the ways in which this would enrich his life. It could basically be the theme song for any child trying to convince their parents to get them their own pup. 

“Gonna Buy Me a Dog” (The Monkees)

When your girl doesn’t love you anymore, a dog probably will. That’s the idea behind this 1960s hit song, which advocates for getting a dog to help you through a bout of heartbreak.

“Everything Reminds Me of My Dog” (Jane Siberr)

This Canadian singer wrote this playful love song to her pup and sings about how everything and anything she encounters reminds her of her dog: the guy in the store, telephones, and even taxicabs! 

“Me and You and a Dog Named Boo” (Lobo)

This catchy tune will definitely get stuck in your head. “Me and you and a dog named Boo, travelin’ and livin’ off the land.” It’s a sweet story about a dog and his owners having the time of their lives on the road. 

“Man of the Hour” (Norah Jones)

This romantic ballad about Norah Jones’ poodle, Ralph, is sweet enough to make any pup wish they were owned by the talented singer/songwriter. It’s a playful and fun song about dogs that most anyone will enjoy.

Songs About Dogs Dying

Losing a dog is extremely hard. But writing a song about your beloved pet is a great way to keep their memory alive. Here are five songs about dogs dying that will hopefully help you through your own pet grief and help you to remember a special furry friend who has passed away.

“Can’t Be Replaced” (Dierks Bentley)

“Friends come and go, but when it comes to Jake, there’s just some things that can’t be replaced.” This song is about Dierks Bentley’s pup, who he pays tribute to when he performs live. The pup passed away in 2016, and true to the lyrics above, Bentley proclaimed he would be his last dog.  

“Shannon” (Henry Gross)

Wow, is this song a tearjerker! It’s about the death of an Irish Setter named Wilson, who was the dog of Carl Wilson (of Beach Boys fame). Henry Gross wrote it after being inspired by meeting Carl Wilson and hearing him talk about his dog who drowned at the beach. 

“Old Shep” (Elvis Presley)

This is actually a classic country song Red Foley wrote in 1933 about his childhood dog. The pup meets a tragic end, and the tune was made popular when Elvis Presley began performing it live. 

“Old King” (Neil Young)

“Old King sure meant a lot to me. But that hound dog is history.” This bittersweet song is about the good times that Young and his former dog, Elvis, used to have together on the road. It’s a beautiful tribute that certainly resonates with many pet parents. 

“Chasing Butterflies” (Frankly Speaking)

This song about losing a dog talks about a special relationship with a rescue dog who the singer hopes is now in a better place. The line, “My only hope is, you’re up there chasing butterflies,” will surely make you tear up.