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12 of the Best Cat Hug Videos of All Time

Two cats hugging
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Cats rule the internet. Long before pups got their paws on Instagram, cats had already cemented their legacy as the World Wide Web’s unofficial mascots, one adorable viral video at a time. 

Our favorite genre of cat videos? Hugs! Cats hugging each other, cats hugging humans, cats hugging dogs—if cats hug it, we want to see it. 

Without further ado, here are some of the best cat hug videos of all time.

YouTube Cat Videos: Hall-of-Fame Hugs 

When it comes to cute cat videos, these snuggles earn two paws up. 

Mom Cat Comfort

This might be the sweetest 11 seconds ever documented. When her itty-bitty kitty seems to have a bad dream, mama cat pulls her in for a reassuring cuddle.

Big Cat Snuggles

The bigger the cat, the bigger the snuggle! Zya the bobcat loves cuddling her housecat buddy, Prometheus. (Although Prometheus, in typical housecat fashion, is rather indifferent.).

Rescue Cat Love

At first, rescued brothers Mori and Louie were wary of each other. But before long, the two cats became cuddle buddies – and the rest is hugging history.

Cat and Puppy Cuddlefest

This video is cuteness overload from start to finish. But right around 1:30 is when kitty jumps in the crate of Golden Retriever puppies and starts the interspecies hug fest.

Mama and Baby Cat Hug Video

Warning: Only watch this video if you have an extremely high tolerance for adorable baby animals and fluffy little faces. 

Precious Kitten Pile

Talk about a group hug. This kitten cuddle puddle is the very definition of warm-fuzzies.

Cat Snuggles With Bird

Cats and chicks aren’t usually an advisable mix. But as these unlikely friends prove, all you need is hugs.

Bunny Bestie

When your bestie is a bunny, it’s hard to resist playing big spoon. Behold, the coziest bed you’ve ever seen.

Cat Snuggles Stuffed Bear

The way Casper’s eyes light up when he sees his favorite teddy? Gets us Every. Single. Time.

Gaming and Kitty Hugs

That video game can’t me more entertaining than me, right dad? This cute cat just can’t stop vying for his pet parent’s attention. So adorable!

Flying Cat Hug

Achievement unlocked: Flying Cat Hug. Way to stick the landing, Remy!

Bring It In

If your heart didn’t melt watching all these cat hug videos, this should do the trick. If not, you might want to check your pulse. Now somebody get us a kitten, stat.

Extra Awww: Cat GIFs!

We’ve got these cat hug GIFs on loop. 

Point-of-View Perfection


That’s right, bring it in, buddy.

Cat Hug Dreaming


Sweet dreams are made of these.

A Wild Time


Spotted in the wild: the incredibly rare raccoon big-spoon.

Sneaky Snuggle Attack


Sometimes there’s a fine line between “cat hugs” and “cat attacks.”

Nose Nibble


What’s a good snuggle without a little nose nibble?