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42 Best Cat Birthday Memes for Feline Festivities

cat in party hat
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Feline lovers, unite – it’s time to celebrate the best cat birthday memes online. Memes have become entrenched in pop culture, and cats are among the most popular subjects. We’re celebrating feline birthdays with 42 hilarious, adorable, trendsetting memes.

Every single day, millions of cats celebrate a birthday. Parties and presents are no longer for dogs only – cat birthday parties can be elaborate, simple, or fall somewhere in between. Cat moms and dads spoil their kitties with birthday cakes, presents, clothing, costumes, and toys. Spoiler alert: You’ll see all of that represented in the cat memes below.

Get ready to scroll, share, and grin like the Cheshire cat with these fun feline birthday memes.

Hysterical Cat Birthday Memes

Is it too much to ask for? We think not.

cat meme birthday

Cue the pun patrol.

On the next edition of Catwalk Models…

cat with balloons

You could always try keeping the birthday surprise under ‘wraps.’

We can’t control our excitement any longer!

When a picture is worth a thousand words.

surprised cat birthday meme

Tell your birthday cat we said psst psst psst psst.

It had to be done.

pretty cat

Just can’t hide his emotions.

cat birthday hat

Party life is tiring.

Best Cats With Cake Birthday Memes

Because cats rule.

cats with cake

He’s feline fine and ready to dine.

cat cupcake

Nom nom nom to the last drop.

Here’s to long, happy lives for all cats.

Can’t type now, have to eat.

I play here every night.

macaron cat

Tik. Tok.

cake with treat

There’s always room for more.

cat pate

Oh no you just didn’t.

cat with dog cake

Bwah hahahahaha.

Cute Cats Birthday Memes

It’s ‘claws’ for celebration.

cat balloon

Just don’t breathe on me, m’kay?

dog cat party

Keep the presents. Those boxes are simply divine.

cat box party

Make me more.

pun cat cupcake

Shhhh catnap in progress.

too many cupcakes

Sharp-dressed man alert.

james bond cat

It’s all about birthday physics.

pun cat party

And there’s no cure…

disco cat

Oh. Em. Gee.

party cat time

Sitting in birthday silence but taking it all in.

Set your alarm clocks.

cat with toy time

Someone had to say it.

cat out of the box

Mmmm cheese.

cheese cat meme

Cats in Couture Birthday Memes

And he looks so dapper in the outfit.

Celebrate me home.

Don’t make me ask twice.

mad kitty

And make sure it’s a bit warm.

Bow at my paws.

angry cat

Inside every cat is an eternal kitten.

kitty party

Birthdays only come once a year, so rock on!

Fit to be tied.

Cuteness alert in 3…2…1