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4 Ways to Give Your Older Dog Some Extra TLC

Woman hugging senior dog
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It’s usually quite alarming to notice common signs that your dog is aging. Perhaps their coat has gradually started to change from a golden to gray color. Or maybe they’ve begun walking slower or developing some aches and pains.

Aging is inevitable, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it easier on your dog! Giving your dog some extra TLC will help them to not only live a more comfortable and healthy life now, but also in the future.

Keep reading to discover our top tips for that dog parents of older dogs can to put into action.

1. Support Their Achy Joints 

Is your older dog suffering from achy joints? It could be a sign your dog has arthritis. Arthritis is surprisingly common in dogs, with approximately one-quarter of dogs diagnosed with the condition in their lifetimes. And that number only accounts for dogs who have been properly diagnosed; as many as 60 percent of dogs have radiographic evidence of arthritis!

The first thing you should do if you suspect something is amiss with your dog’s joints is book an appointment with your vet. They will be able to give some expert guidance about how best to support your dog. They may recommend a joint supplement containing glucosamine and chondroitin to help lubricate your dog’s joints and promote cartilage and tissue health. Or, to relieve pain and inflammation associated with osteoarthritis, they may prescribe a medication, such as Carprofen.  

2. Ease Their Anxiety

Anxious dog looking at camera

Similar to arthritis, anxiety is a health problem that affects a great number of dogs. Research has shown that around 72% of dogs express anxiety-like behaviors, according to their owners. It’s no wonder, when a number of situations can make your dog feel anxious, from going to the vet to you leaving the house for work or leisure. So if your dog is experiencing anxiety, you’re certainly not alone! 

If you’ve tried just about everything to try to calm your dog down when they’re exhibiting signs of anxiety to no avail, you may have resolved yourself to the fact there’s little you can do to help. 

But have you tried giving your dog a CBD calming soft chew yet? CBD calming soft chews are formulated to help naturally calm your dog down without making them feel lethargic. They taste absolutely delicious (ours come in two flavors: peanut butter and bacon), so you won’t have any trouble convincing your pooch to give them a go!   

3. Make Sure They’re Insured

Senior dog lying down

When it comes to insurance, we usually think about the usual types: life, home, and car insurance. But did you know that leading insurers also offer policies that cover pet healthcare costs, such as MetLife Pet Insurance? Older dogs are particularly prone to health problems, so it’s a wise idea to find a pet insurance company for dogs that will offer adequate coverage. 

What exactly that means will depend on what you’re after. Do you want your pet insurance to cover each and every vet visit? Vaccines? Surgery? Alternative treatments? 

Keep in mind that each pet insurance policy has different premiums, deductibles, benefits, waiting periods, and so on, so it pays to do your research. If your dog already has a pre-existing condition, double-check that the policy you opt for covers them. 

4. Modify Their Diet if Necessary

Older German Shepherd eating food

Your dog’s diet plays a huge role in their health and wellbeing. As your dog ages, you may notice that their eating habits start to change. For example, when they were younger, they may have salivated at the mere mention of dinner, but now they barely look forward to mealtimes. 

Much of the time, dietary changes are a natural part of aging. But it’s always a good idea to get an expert opinion on the matter to ensure your dog’s diet works for not against them. This is especially important to do if your dog is suffering from one or more health problems. Your vet may recommend a particular diet to address their health concerns, or suggest switching up their diet to better accommodate their senior needs


Giving your older dog some extra TLC doesn’t take much effort, but it can make a significant impact on their quality of life. If you’re looking for some ideas to get started, be sure to keep our tips above in mind.