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Dog Toy Storage: 6 Options for Tidying Up

Cute dog sitting in their dog toy basket storage
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One of the great joys of pet parenthood is spoiling your pup with toys to enrich and entertain them. However, having a bunch of squeaky, chewy objects underfoot can mean a messy living space—not to mention the possibility of tripping and falling on a slobbery Kong in the middle of the night. 

While your dog might prefer a scattershot approach to dog toy storage, there are plenty of simple, effective, and even stylish furniture solutions to help you combat the clutter. 

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Dog Toy Storage Ideas: Our Favorite Picks

Best Overall Dog Toy Storage

Our Pick: Bone Dry Bone-Shaped Hyacinth Storage Basket

Bone Dry Bone-Shaped Hyacinth Storage Basket

This bone-shaped wicker basket is the perfect size (and shape) for all sorts of dog toys and the style is minimal enough to fit in with many different types of decor.  While it doesn’t come with a lid, this deep basket helps to keep dog toys from cluttering up the living room and it’s easy for bigger dogs to pull out the toys they want to play with. Overall, the charming picnic basket vibes and versatility won us over.

Things We Like

  • Neutral color and classic materials elevate it beyond a typical pet storage solution
  • Choice of sizes

Things to Consider

  • Will not withstand a great deal of chewing, so keep that in mind if you have a mouthy pup

Best Dog Toy Basket

Our Pick: D-Art Collection Abaca Dog Toy Storage Basket

D-Art Collection Abaca Dominant Dog & Cat Toy Storage Basket

This chic, two-tone abaca basket is an understated and elegant way to hide dog toys without compromising style. It’s big enough to fit a selection of your dog’s favorite toys without taking over your living room. This basket is lightweight enough to be portable, so you can move it from room to room, depending on where your dog likes to play. 

Things We Like

  • Sturdy
  • Neutral
  • Lightweight and portable

Things to Consider

  • It doesn’t have a lid
  • May not be enough storage for dogs with lots of toys

Best Personalized Dog Toy Storage 

Our Pick: Pet Artist Personalized, Collapsible Dog Toy Bin

Collapsible Dog Toy Storage Basket Bin with Personalized Pet's Name

Let everyone know to keep their paws to themselves with this personalized storage container, which features your dog’s name across the top, accented by two cute paw prints. It’s made from a jute and cotton blend, with a metal frame that makes it stand up easily. But if it’s not in use, it’s easy to collapse. This would make a fabulous birthday or holiday gift.

Things We Like

  • Comes in six different colors and two sizes
  • Collapsible for when not in use
  • A great gift

Things to Consider

  • No lid

Best Wooden Dog Toy Box 

Our Pick: Richell Elegant Wooden Toy Box for Dogs 

Richell 70004 Pet Furniture and Storage

Weighing in at around 8.6 pounds, this dark wooden toy box is a hefty little guy with a decent amount of room for all of your pup’s favorite things. It fits in nicely with contemporary decor and will hold up and last for years. Plus, with its slip-resistant rubber feet, it won’t budge. 

Things We Like

  • Classic, smooth lines and nicely placed slats
  • Dark wood so it blends in
  • Versatile

Things to Consider

  • Some assembly required
  • Heavy

Best Large Dog Toy Storage

Our Pick: OurPets Big Bone Dog Toy Storage Container 

OurPets Big Bone Dog Toy, Dog Food & Dog Toy Box Storage Container

Is this the biggest dog toy storage solution we could find? At 23.75″ x 10.5″ x 13″, not really. But would this look the most hilarious next to your large dog? Absolutely! Made of BPA-free and food safe plastic, this large white bone-shaped storage container is straight out of the Peanuts, and at around 3 pounds, it’s lighter than it looks.

Things We Like

  • Cute!
  • Has a lid
  • Difficult to gnaw on, easy to clean

Things to Consider

  • Might not go with your interior décor

Best Outdoor Dog Toy Storage

Our Pick: Spectrum Diversified Macklin Basket 

Spectrum Diversified Macklin Basket, Dog Bone Design, Industrial Gray

These sturdy baskets have steel sides stamped with charming bones or paws, depending on which pattern you pick, as well as handles and a little label plate. They won’t rust, so they are great for outdoor use on patios or decks.  

Things We Like

  • Rustproof and easy to clean
  • Cool vintage look
  • Durable

Things to Consider

  • Smaller than other bins (12.75″ L X 9.5″ W X 8″ H)
  • No lid, which means toys will get wet in the rain

Dog Toy Storage Buying Guide

Dog playing with toy in home

There are several factors to consider when it comes to selecting your ideal dog toy storage. Here are some things to keep in mind:

Consider the size. Size is a big factor in your search for storage. Does your dog have a lot of toys? Are the toys large or small? Thinking about these things in advance will help you determine the right type of dog toy storage to consider. 

Think about the location. Where will you be using this storage bin or basket? Is it something you want for a living room or bedroom, where dogs can easily grab their own toys? Or do you plan to use it as storage for older or seasonal items? If you plan to use your garage or basement for storage, you might want waterproof toy bins that can stand up to changes in temperature. 

Decide on lid type. Dog toy storage can be found with and without lids. Baskets and bins are great for easy access, but don’t seal off. If you are looking to keep pets out of the toy box until it’s time to play, opt for a storage bin with a secure lid. 

Match to your decor. Nobody wants a storage bin that sticks out like a sore thumb. Instead, look around your home and consider your decor. Search for storage that closely aligns to your tastes. Luckily, there are many types of storage options to choose from that compliment a wide range of personal styles.

Tips for Tidying Up With Dogs

Dog playing with toys from toy basket

Maintaining a tidy home can feel like a full-time job when you have a dog, but doing a little bit of cleaning every day can help keep things under control. 

In addition to investing in storage solutions for your dog’s toys, you can experiment with keeping a specific area of your home dedicated to your pup’s everyday stuff so it doesn’t overwhelm every room in your house. 

Try limiting the toys and gear you have out at any one time and swap them out every few weeks. This may also have the added benefit of renewing your dog’s interest in certain toys. 

Last but never least, make sure to clean your dog’s toys regularly using pet-safe products and following each item’s instructions—and never use harsh chemicals to clean your dog’s toys or area.

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